Andres Monge

Front-End Architect, Senior Full-Stack Developer

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I translate requirements and mock-ups into fully functioning applications, solutions and features using the right mix of front-end (JavaScript) and back-end (Rails, nodeJS, mongoDB) technologies. As an architect I have to provide the right balance between results and maintainability, which in most cases turns into a road-map highly synced between all parties. As a developer I invest the time making the tools to aide developers, verify correctness for following best practices, good TDD and company values.



  1. JavaScript, 10 years. Master
  2. XHTML, 10 years. Master
  3. CSS/SASS/LESS, 10 years. Master
  4. (JS) Polymer 3 year
  5. (JS) React 1 year
  6. (JS) React-Native 1 year
  7. (JS) FlighJS 1 year
  8. (JS) AngularJS 2 year
  9. (JS) BackboneJS 2 year


  1. PHP, 3 years. Advanced
  2. nodeJS, 2 years. Standard
  3. Ruby/Rails, 1 year. Standard


  1. MySQL, 3 years. Advanced
  2. mongoDB, 2 years. Standard


  1. Linux, 12 years. Master
  2. Apache, 3 years. Advanced
  3. nginx, 3 years. Standard

Work Flows

  1. Git, 7 years. Master
  2. Svn, 3 years. Standard
  3. Jira, 5 years. Advanced


  1. Cordova / iOs, 1 years. Standard
  2. Cordova / Android, 1 years. Standard
  3. Cordova / Windows Tablets, 1 years. Standard


  1. Vi, 7 years. Master
  2. MarkDown, 5 years. Master


SIO-100 @ bonial /

Front-End Architect / Team leader (Germany) 2016-2017 As an architect, I’ve decided to use Polymer for the project since the team is distributed in small standalone micro-services so relaying on scope protection and encapsulation that polymer provides increased the productivity of the front-end screens. Replicated the environment of previews projects TDD, CI, Artifactory and an atomic modular designe pattern.

TabletBanking @ s|ngular / BBVA Compass

Front-End Architect / Team leader (USA) 2015-2017 As an architect, I’ve successfully guided a junior team with five team members to estimate, analyze and develop feature requested by product owner and architects. We used a TDD methodology and a component-based project adding up to 230 (Polymer.js) web-components. We delivered to tablet, mobile and desktop applications using contiguous integration (jenkins), Cordova and artifactory to host the components as dependencies.

Hoy Necesito @ s|ngular / BBVA
Front-End team leader (Spain) 2014-2015 As a team lead I helped product owners with estimations, and created an analysis for the features requested. I’ve taught the team Angular.js in the most component based way (mainly using ngModules and directives). As a senior developer I wrote a full page feature in ReactJS wrapped inside and Angular directive. The focus on react was performance since the feature required a live update of a calendar events. We also relayed on GULP / GRUNT to deliver our code and Git-flow to ensure code maintenance
Online Banking @ s|ngular / BBVA Compass

Front-End developer (Spain) 2013-2014 As a senior developer I’ve help in the process of changing the mindset form classic MVC/jQuery into a modular/component-based development. We used FlightJs as our main framework under SCRUM/Agile workflow. The project relied on the template engine and few key JavaScript components (which I was the lead developer for).

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Web Developer (Spain) 2013 As a full-stack developer I created a dynamic template and plugins for a Joomla based web. The initial solution was based in Word-press with an ad-hock WYSIWYG to provide the ability of creating and modifying pages. After moving the project into Joomla the template was build with a lot of flexibility.

Component Catalogue @ Adesis / Mapfre
Front-End Architect / Expert Developer (Spain) 2013 As a expert reference I was responsible for code reviews, code analysis and quality assurance that the developers of Mapfre (the client) delivered. I had improve the current developers skills, practices and guiding them into the best developers. Our main area of focus was JavaScript, Angular, CSS and Jade as the template engine.
Personal Finance Manager @ Adesis
Front-End Developer (Spain) 2013 As a full-stack developer In little less than a month and a half, I’ve develop by my self a fully operational finance manager. Provided with the graphical designes I build the app using nodeJS (sails) and AngularJs from scratch. I’ve made the all the decisions including the architecture, technologies and work-methodology. The project was latter on improved and used for years.
RedPacientes, social network @ CBI

Full-Stack Developer (Spain) 2011-2013 As a full-stack developer I used mainly SQL functions, a PHP controller and JavaScript(backbone) for the front-end. I Also helped developing modules of a bigger app that was being built. We were replication a CRM (such as SAP), providing support by IE7 and greater, besides modern browsers. Everything done with a proprietary framework which we also had to maintain and update.

No llores Patito

Full-Stack Developer (Spain) 2011 Online shop, created with a custom framework similar to CakePHP. The main focus was over the framework built on PHP, the front-end was basically tweaking a paid template.

Ananda Pascual

Full-Stack Developer (Spain) 2010 Online store for clothing. Built with osCommerce, and few ad-hock plugins to manage the landing page. There was also a TPV (payment conector) to develop and integrate with Spanish banks (CajaMar and CajaSol), and a API integration with real-time stock handling service (“seleris”).

Los hijos de la Malinche

Full-Stack Developer (Mexico) 2008-2010 An political and opinionated e-maganized. It mainly sponsored by the Mexican newspaper “Reforma”. Built with Drupal for the content manager, and custom templates for both back-end (the admin manager site) and front-end. Front-end was improved with jQuery and jQuery plugins.

Internship and S.E.O. @ KnowCentury
Full-Stack Developer (Spain) 2008-2009 As an intern in the first six moths I was laddering the new department of search engine optimization (SEO). One of my biggest achievements was holding on the words: “comprar oro” (“buy gold”) as the second result for 5 months, and the first result for some days.

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